Kitchen Ventilation Deep Cleaning - Certified Kitchen Extraction Cleaning to TR/19 Standards. Including all associated ducting. From Canopy to Cowl.

                 Kitchen Deep Cleaning - Carried out to MOD 038 standards all equipment is moved, stripped down and cleaned to the highest standard. All surfaces; including roofs, walls, lighting units, floors and walk in fridges can also be cleaned on request.

Fresh Air Ventilation Cleaning - Working to the (BS En -15780) standards we will clean your fresh air Supply and Extraction systems to ensure that your building adheres                                                           to the strict workplace (Health, Safety and welfare) regulations. Namely section section 5 "1992" that imposes a duty to clean mechanical                                                        ventilation systems and 6 "1992" that states "effective and suitable provisions shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified Air".

Fresh Air Filter Exchange- We commonly come across establishments that have an extraction maintenance schedule in place but neglect the fresh air side of their system. It is important  that both supply and extract sides of your ventilation systems are maintained to ensure 100% efficiency. We can arrange to have your filters changed as and when appropriate as a part of your overall comprehensive ventilation schedule. 

System Maintenance-  Fan and Controller Replacements, Ducting Modification, Canopy Lighting Upgrades,Gas and Electrical Interlock troubleshooting and Resealing tasks.