There are few small fires in commercial kitchens.

To reduce the risk of a fire, your kitchen must have the highest standard of cleaning and maintenance to make sure you comply with your insurance policy conditions. Your maintenance schedule along with the relevant certificates is one of the first things asked for in the event of a fire, and without them you could get into some serious hot water trying to put in a claim.

To help make sure you can be as compliant as possible on the morning after the fire, we have collaborated with Bob Hannah and his team at The Business Insurance Bureau, who take a refreshing and cutting edge view on risk management and compliance. Their business philosophy is ‘Making it cheaper, by doing it right™’, and their risk management rebate voucher helps to make that a reality.

What The Business Insurance Bureau says...

Usually, a fire is extremely disruptive to your ability to trade for some time ahead. However, complications over compliance with your insurance policy may turn disruption into disaster. Moreover, the prospect of spreading fire to third party property adjoining or above which is not covered is truly frightening.


The Importance of Reading, Understanding and Cleaning

Insurance kitchen conditions are often buried in the ‘small print’ and their importance is often not understood by the policyholder. The simple failure to read, understand and clean compliantly can be as big a disaster as the fire. However innocent the failure, even a simple misunderstanding can see the business ruined by the insurance policy. The really important point is that once the fire has occurred, it is too late to remedy the insurance policy - that has to be compliant - right now! Not only that, but insurance companies’ dispute 50%ǂ of all large claims from businesses for two reasons: breach of policy conditions and failure to disclose information - something that can be avoided if your insurance broker works with you to keep on top of them.


How can The Business Insurance Bureau’s risk management rebate voucher benefit your business?

We understand that with increases in the living wage, pensions, Brexit staff shortages, exchange rate food price increases and local authority rates increases, your margins are key in your business’s survival. These ‘bread and butter’ issues are the reason why now is the time to rethink how to control costs.

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